Protected: Discover Your Roots Through DNA Testing Ep. 15

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  • Breahna B. says:

    I really appreciate this podcast. I have been on a journey for a few years of figuring out my paternal ancestry. I also took the test, which pointed me to Mali (West Africa) as the primary source of my black heritage and agree that it seemed far too vague.

    Through research, I’ve found the vast majority of my paternal side were slaves. To see this in writing in censuses and other documentation was very hard to discover. The down side is it does make it very hard to trace my ancestry back very far. The positive side is I feel more of a sense of understanding and belonging now.

    I appreciate the work you’re doing here and would enjoy seeing more podcasts on this subject. Thank you!

    • Jireh Pulley says:

      I really appreciated the resources you presented in this episode and my family and I are definitely interested in testing sometime in the future. I feel inspired to spread the word about DNA testing as well as the experience and understanding of Sankofa on my college campus and to my brothers and sisters in Christ.