Smashing the Myth of the Innocent Victim Ep. 18

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We live in a society that places an impossible standard upon victims of injustice. Unfortunately, we have been victims and perpetrators of The Myth of the Innocent Victim.  In this episode we explore the myth and why we must commit ourselves to eradicating it.  Find out why we need a new hashtag:  #CriminalLivesMatter


Before Rosa by Guest Manushka Gracha-Desgage

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  • Ed says:

    Such a challenging and convicting podcast. I am quite guilty of this. Not on a 100% basis but in cases where there was aggression or disregard towards the authorities, I have definitely felt the outcome was predicated upon by their actions. Thank you for highlighting this and helping me to see all people the way that God sees me who was guilty of putting Christ on the cross.