So Many Black Orphans, So Few Black Families Ep. 20

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November is National Adoption Month. In this conversation we consider God’s call to care for orphans in their distress and the need for an awakening among Black Christians!



Thanks to these great artist for providing their music!


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  • AJ Walker says:

    Thank you for highlighting this important issue.

    I won’t open up the can of worms any further than simply saying Black people need to be the one raising our own kids, not anyone else.

  • Ernest Mitchell says:

    Until people realize that they too were adopted into the household of faith upon acceptance of the free gift, because of God demonstrated His own love for us, they can’t rightly see the need for adoption.

    • Ernest,
      So true! Our adoption by our Father in heaven is foundational to the gospel & life with Jesus. Great reminder.

      Have we cross paths yet? How long have you been listening to the podcast? Tell me about yourself…

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