MLK–Are You a Triple Threat? Ep. 25

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Part II of our series based upon the questions that arise from the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

Make a Suggestion:  What questions are raised by the life & work of  MLK?


The King Center

Book:  Stride Toward Freedom:  The Montgomery Story by Martin Luther King Jr.

Book:  Finding the Groove: Composing a Jazz-Shaped Faith by Robert Gelinas

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There are 3 thoughts below

  • Carla Elam Floyd says:

    Robert, I’m so far behind in posting my thoughts! Everytime i listen to your podcasts, i have a ton of thoughts that quickly evaporate when i don’t write them down! But my thoughts on this one are that I feel people such as yourself and Dr. King are so blessed. To have that clarity about your purpose in life is something that seems to continually elude me. Your thoughts about passion, pain and past are helpful though. My passion continues to be for helping people who are in such pain in their lives, but continue to struggle everyday to move forward. I know i can’t help everyone, but i want to help those, in particular who are caught up in what I call “the matrix” – the corporate/work world. We end up being cogs in the wheel of accomplishing a business mission unless we have a particularly enlightened management team that understands people work for more than money. Too many of us allow co-workers and managers to steal our joy at work. instead of contributing our best, we end up acting out of paranoia and creating self fulfilling prophecies of persecution. God did not create us to live such joyless lives. My calling may be similar to Dr. King’s but different in the fact that he lived and inspired at a time when the inequities were blatant. We live in a time when they are much more covert and subversive. The comfort that sustained me in that matrix was knowing that God knew every move that had been made and was about to be made. It’s taken a very long time to heal from the times when i forgot that truth. So my comment on this podcast is to encourage anyone listening to find enough space in your life to allow God to take control and let you know that He always has your back. Dr. King was assasinated, but God used him to make incredible changes in our society. We may find ourselves metaphorically assassinated, but how will He use your struggles to make equally incredible changes in your life, your family’s lives, foster children’s lives or anyone else you may touch? Thank you again, for these podcats!

  • Anytra says:

    This is the perfect ‘thing’ for my Saturday morning ears. Thanks you so much for this podcast; Passion, Pain, Past. This is where I am today in my what I call “Therapy with Jesus”. Unfailingly, when we seek God, ask questions, scream for help, He supplies every time. I too have a deep desire to see the Body of Christ united, I pray for us daily, seeing in my mind US stepping over the lines that divide; which is truly deception. So thankful that the devil can do nothing without our God’s allowance. It brings me to tears seeing brothers repenting and asking forgiveness in testimony of prejudices, and congregations that have no color lines like mine. Color and culture isn’t separation, its the perfect display of God’s artistry, how dull the world would be without color, without diversity, including You quoted Rev 7… I think if John saw in Heaven sisters and brothers of every tribe, nation and tongue; that this diversity thing is important to God. Even in Heaven, in our new bodie’s there apparently is/ will be variety, works of art by the Creator of all Creators…