Remembering Calling Ep. 3

“What are you doing on the planet?”

Recommended Reading

Free at Last? The Gospel in the African-American Experience by Carl Ellis


In this episode we reframe the concept of calling:  What if the question is not, “Why am I here?” but “Why are WE here?”

Cornel West wonders if we are “witnessing the death of Black prophetic fire,” because there has been a “fundamental shift from a we-consciousness to an I-conscioiusness” among our people.

Let’s Connect!

What would you say is the greatest challenge Black America is facing?

What do you think is most difficult about being black and Christian in America?

Do you think African-Americans have lost our “we-consciousness.”

What do you think about this concept of a collective call on our people?


Thanks to these great artist for providing their music!

There are 3 thoughts below

  • Dralyne Ricks says:

    I have never been challenged to look at the life of Joseph or even meditate on it in a way that would relate to our people. I never saw that before until today. I was also enlightened by the books that were mentioned and will be in my possession soon Lord willing. Most of all today I feel that I have crossed over into a a fold that is very small here in America. This fold seems to not have a name for it because they walk, talk, and think just as I do. However, there is something different. I believe the best way I could put it is that they experience Sankofa. I have today experienced Sankofa and wish to continue in it. I’m not sure what else I will come to know and understand but I do know that I will continue. Great message, and I have received it. Now I feel I must do something with it. Any ideas??

    • Dralyne,
      Welcome! How long have you been listening? Tell me about yourself…

      You wrote: “Now I feel I must do something with it. Any ideas??”

      Two thoughts come to mind…
      1–Invite others to join you in your journey.
      2–Lead where you are.


      • Dralyne Ricks says:

        I’ve been listening for a few weeks now. I was intrigued to start listen some time last year but I began a spiritual growth and discipleship program out in Aurora, Colorado. Actually not too far from your church. As far as for about myself I am from Dallas. Texas born and raised. I was raised to know black history and the so called truth. I was raised in a Muslim household so as a black male I from early on I have always had a love for my people and had a dream as Dr.King’s dream to see our people prosper. However, it was hard to see that dream through at the time because my neighborhood was so rough. Only people I saw then prospering were the people who ate off the weaknesses of our own people. Lord willing that will change one day in major ways. Until then I definitely will be taking that advice. In fact, some others that I know whom I’ve already told about the podcast have begun listening with me. Now as for leading where I am, I can honestly say I’m still looking for a place to start.