Prepared to Protest? Ep. 8


Is this a moment or a movement?  The difference may be whether or not we are prepared to protest. In this episode we look at King’s Four Steps to Transformative Protests.


Recommended Reading

The Mercy Prayer:  The One Prayer Jesus Always Answers by Robert Gelinas

Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community by Martin Luther King Jr.

 Let’s Connect?

What’s on your Sankofa Bucket List?

What do you think about King’s 4 steps of preparation?

What do you think about King’s non-violent covenant?

How are you convening and preparing people?

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  • AJ Walker says:

    I’ve been meaning to get back to this since I first heard the podcast. I really understand why Dr. King had that sort of “agreement” with those marching with him.

    I recently took part in a march and demonstration for an unarmed Black woman shot and killed by the local police (#SayHerName Meagan Hockaday). While I was happy to call attention to this by marching to and demonstrating in front of the police station, those in attendance were a very mixed bag. As a Christian, I cringed, repeatedly at the type of rhetoric others in attendance were using. One person brought a boom box and was blasting some of the most profane and hate filled rap lyrics along the route. I’m not a big rap fan but, since we were in public, I really felt that diminished the sanctity of what we were doing and what the protest should have been about. Another group brought a banner that read “F— the police” that was displayed all along the parade route.

    As white people, with their children, passed by, I couldn’t help but be saddened by how these two displays weakened our position in calling attention to another killing of an unarmed Black person by police.

    I see now why it really is important to know the “who” of who you are marching with and to encourage the organizers to have some ground rules that would not diminish the message of the march as Dr. King did.