A John Perkins Primer Ep. 12


John Perkins is a living legend. A hero. In this conversation we prepare for our upcoming interview with this civil rights icon.  Specifically we look at the 3 R’s:  Relocation. Reconciliation. Redistribution.


Christian Community Development Association:  CCDA.org

John & Vera Mae Perkins Foundation:  JVMPF.org


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  • AJ Walker says:

    I’m looking forward to the podcast. As I think, pray and study on many of these same issues, to hear him discuss it live will be a wonderful episode.
    Sadly, the things I’ve notice, especially in the Black church, it still has this weakened viewpoint that doesn’t come close to any of the 3 R’s. Even in my own church, a historically Black denomination, there is still a push for emotionalism, not practical Christianity. A push for the “Spirit” as a validation of some “touch” from God. There is also, what I consider, a very thin line of the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” cause we’re all going to Heaven mentality that stops anything remotely close to a prayerful consideration, let alone a teachable plan, for members to follow.
    I had a very similar conversation after service just yesterday about how the sermon “sounded good” but still left me devoid of anything that made a difference once the final hymn was sung.
    I still think the Black church, Christianity in general, has been lulled into a false sense of success since the members all have their “Heaven ticket” and are just biding time until they die or Jesus returns. There is no discussion, no quarter given, to how to be an ambassador for Christ in the meantime beyond evangelism.