Black Panther–Who’s Side Are WE Supposed to Be On? Ep. 32

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Here we discuss Black Panther and the Christian Roots of Pan-Africanism.


Pass The Mic: Black Panther And The Longing For A Hero King

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  • I appreciate the jazz music and the topics that you touch on in your podcasts!

    God bless you and your ministry!

    Also, would you mind checking out my blogs and let me know what you think?


  • Also, is that PURE RELIGION (song) by Liz Vice sold on Amazon and/or Google Play?

    Again, thank you for your time.



  • Fred Lynch says:

    Excellent Broadcast Bro!
    I keep on saying, “This has been my favorite broadcast” but this one definitely belongs in my Top Five! I loved the movie and I agree that Black Panther had a transcendence about him that gave him the ability to partner with the side that best reflected his own agenda, which I think should be a model for Christians of color as well as a great model for the Body of Christ.
    But an interesting observation about the two sides, I saw Iron Man’s side more like the priesthood striving to keep order and Captain America’s side more like the order of the prophets challenging the system. Did you see that and if so, what in your opinion is the importance of having a healthy between tension of the two to keep us in balance?

  • Ten says:

    Almost every sentence in this podcast could be a separate post/discussion/sermon! I’ve backspaced my comment a half dozen times cuz I can’t even add anything worthwhile. Brilliant. Timely. Enlightening and forward thinking yet somehow nostalgic, historic and constant. Sankofa! I get it! Simply, thank you.