MLK & The Question of Freedom Ep. 28

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Dr. Derrick Hudson joins us to discuss Liberating Visions by Dr. Robert Franklin and the question of freedom.


Dr. Derrick Hudson’s Page at Colorado School of Mines

Book:  Liberating Visions: Human Fulfillment and Social Justice in African-American Thought

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  • Root says:

    This was a great conversation. I will admit that I still have a lot to learn about these men but I do believe this conversation is incomplete without discussing Kwame Ture. King was heavily influenced by Ture, who was the first to openly denounce the war in Vietnam. Ture never received the recognition he deserved. Yet, he contributed so much and maybe even more then the men mentioned in the podcast. I think the suppressing of his story is intentional because his ideas were more revolutionary. “Stokely: A Life,” by professor Peniel E. Joseph, is a must read. I would love it if you did a podcast on this book with Joseph. My understanding is that Ture practiced Christianity as well.