The Gift of Sankofa

The soul of your leadership may be found in your Sankofa experiences. You deserve to give yourself this gift on a regular basis. Exploring Sankofa for yourself is taking practical steps to go back and remember tomorrow today.

Ancestry DNA Test Kit

Part of knowing who you are is found in knowing who helped make you the person you are today. With the incredible advantages of modern medicine, DNA testing is more accurate than ever before. The Sankofa Experience is currently partnering with DNA testing affiliates to help you discover where your family first began.

Join our Support Team and gain exclusive access to our DNA Episode and discover which Option is Best for you!: In this episode Robert does a side-by-side Comparison of the various DNA Tests.

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Take A Trip In History

Make it a goal in your life to go to Africa. Stand in the Cape Coast slave castle and walk through the dungeons and see where our foremothers and forefathers were held. Walk through the “Door of No Return”.

Visit the Lorraine Motel in Memphis and journey through the National Civil Rights Museum. Plan a trip to our nation’s capitol for the unveiling of the National Museum of African-American History and Culture. Schedule a tour of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Atlanta.

Listen–The Sankofa Experience Bucket List: 5 Places Black People Need Go Before We Die

Host a Jazz Theologian Live! Event

Thousands have attended ‘standing room only’ Jazz Theologian Live! events.  A beautiful marriage of the spoken word with jazz, soul and gospel music in which seeker and seasoned Christian alike are invited to compose a jazz-shaped faith.  Thus giving way to an experience of the gospel unlike any other method, movement, or structure ever could.  Using wonderful metaphors found in jazz, this experience reveals breath-taking possibilities for the body of Christ and a more genuine expression of our personal faith.

For more information and/or to check Robert’s availability.