Understanding Isis w/ Dr. D.

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Dr. Derrick Hudson helps us understand Isis.


Watch the full Understanding Isis Transforum and download additional resources here.

Dr. Derrick Hudson’s Page at Colorado School of Mines

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  • Carla Elam-Floyd says:

    Each of these podcasts is so provocative. I attended the Transforum when Dr. D spoke, and I remember appreciating the light he was able to shine on ISIS. Especially the point he makes about tolerance, being open to discussions with those of the Muslim faith, and the fact that there is a core of agreement between Islam and Christianity. That definitely gives us a place to start. I’m not sure if the group still exists, but there was an Interfaith discussion group that used meet at the Unitarian church in Park Hill.

    Since the TransForum a lot has taken place to underline the need for dialogue and inclusion. When the terrorists in Belgium bombed the airport and subway, the way the media described their neighborhood reminded me of many black neighborhoods – isolated, forgotten, unassimilated and protective of each other. Was there any doubt about the anger that was brewing in that setting? There is so much to learn about human nature and how similar conditions produce similar results. It’s probably a stretch, but I even see similarities with the current presidential election. The feelings of being ignored and abused seem to be driving the supporters of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. There are just some basic dignity entitlements we all have that, when violated, push us to some sort of of action. Okay, I digress because there is a question in here somewhere!

    I recently read a book by Malcolm Nance called Defeating ISIS. In it there were a couple of issues that differ from Dr. D’s view. First is that ISIS and Al Queda are essentially the same, with the same goal of establishing a Caliphate. ISIS is just pushing that gpal more aggressively and has managed to spread it to more countries. The second, and more important to me, is that ISIS is a cult that is wildly different from Islam. This is a cult of violence and murder that does not hold to the principles of Islam. My question is, what is Dr. D’s perspective on that?