Legacy Discipleship & Baraka Bonus Interview

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Are you going to The Legacy Discipleship Conference? Also, Sho Barak bonus material.

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Sho Baraka The Narrative–iTunes

Sho Baraka Twitter: @AmishoBaraka

John Parker Twitter: @SeeJonRoar


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There is 1 thought below

  • Harold Campbell says:

    Hey there Pastor!
    How ya’ doin’ man! This is Harold Campbell from Phoenix. I hope your doing exceptionally well. I’ve been, scratch that, we’ve been listening to your podcasts. I continue to be inspired. And perhaps, at times, frustrated. There is such an absence of healthy ethnically lead church leadership. We have lots of work to do.
    To answer your question about attending Legacy Disciple, I am now that you made me, and so many others aware. I may even attend both in LA and Chicago.