The Juggling Question: My Top 5 Productivity Tools

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Robert shares his top five productivity tools & including his pink Bible!

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Book:  Finding the Groove:  Composing a Jazz-Shaped Faith

Book:  The Mercy Prayer: The One Prayer Jesus Always Answers

Book:  Living Sacrifice:  The Cross as a Way of Life

Social Media Scheduling:

Michael Hyatt Life Planning Book: Living Forward

Health Apps: & FitList & FullFitness


Countdown App: DaysSince

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There are 3 thoughts below

  • Root says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Could you explain what activities are permissible on the sabbath day? How exactly do you rest on your day off?

    • Root,
      Sabbath is about resting in God. For me the goal is to cease striving. It’s similar to tithing, when we give 10% we are saying that with God, 90% is better than 100%. Same with sabbath, with God 6 days of work is better than 7 days of work.

      Activities? I don’t do anything that is associated with accomplishing, reaching or earning. Nothing goal oriented. This creates the space to enjoy life as it is.

      I also unplug from social media.

      Thanks for listening!

  • Root says:


    I love this response. Thanks so much!