We’ve gathered a variety of resources to help guide your Sankofa experiences. Many of the books featured in our Resources section are literary companions to the four focuses of the Sankofa Way: Wisdom, Calling, Sacrifice, and Jazz. Deepen your conversations by exploring these valuable resources.

The Mercy Prayer

The One Prayer Jesus Always Answers

A raw plea for intervention. The most prayed prayer in the Bible. And–most remarkably–a request that God never failed to grant…often in surprising ways that have radically transformed individual lives and the trajectory of history itself.

Free at Last?

The Gospel in the African-American Experience

What is the state of African-American freedom and dignity within American culture today?  What effect has the gospel had on our aspirations?  To move forward, argues Carl Ellis, African-Americans will have to know who they are and where they’ve been.

Living Sacrifice

The Cross as a Way of Life

Typical studies on the cross focus on what Jesus was doing for us, but Living Sacrifice takes you a step further.  It looks at the cross as a way of life.  When Jesus died on the cross, he was actually showing us a new and better way to live. This book is about following the example that Jesus left us in his suffering.  You’ll find the cross is an invitation to an unusual kind of life.

Finding The Groove

Composing a Jazz-Shaped Faith

A jazz-shaped faith…balances freedom with boundaries, the individual with the group, and traditions with the pursuit of what might be.  In this book you will discover in jazz a way of thinking, living, communicating–a way of being…a groove.