Sho Baraka–Celebrating Our Two Year Anniversary!

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It’s our two year anniversary! Sho Baraka joins us to discuss The Narrative, the controversy with Lifeway, Art, politics and so much more.

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Sho Baraka The Narrative–iTunes

Sho Baraka Twitter: @AmishoBaraka

Washington Post Article: Southern Baptist Retailer Removes Black Hip-Hop Artist’s Album That Includes the Word ‘Penis’

Christianity Today: Sho Baraka–Why I Can’t Vote for Either Trump or Clinton

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Thanks to these great artist for providing their music!

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  • Carla Elam-Floyd says:

    Great interview, Pastor. I caught the rap session with Sho and Aiyende, and I wish I had heard the interview beforehand! What a fascinating background and perspective on life and Christianity. I hadn’t heard his work before, but I’ll be purchasing it now!